Northwest Georgia for a Car Enthusiast

Northwest Georgia for a Car Enthusiast
1948 Tucker
Deeply rooted Chevelle at Old Car City

On either side of I-75 near White, Georgia stand two polar opposites of automotive history. To the north at Exit 293 is a tourist junkyard of heavily rusted classic cars, Old Car City and to the south is a museum of finely restored cars with nary a fingerprint on them, the Savoy Automotive Museum. You can visit both in a day and have a nice lunch at the restaurant within the Savoy.

Old Car City can be a fun experience or a heart-breaking one. If car enthusiasts think too much about what could have been if these classics would have been sheltered and restored, they will have a gut-wrenching time. If they can let that go and just appreciate the cool cars, it can be an enjoyable walk through history. It can take hours to walk through all the 34 acres, even more if you take lots of photos.

The Savoy Automotive Museum has some of the finest detailed restorations of classic cars that you’ll see. Guards watch constantly to deter visitors from touching or harming the cars. I couldn’t get over the yin & yang of extremely rusted cars at Old Car City, just down the road, and the showroom glossy cars at Savoy.

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